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With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, I have truly seen and worked with every style, technique, and material used in dressmaking. This gives us the confidence to take on almost any restyling or restoration project & get your family heirloom ready for many weddings to come.


"So what do you do when your daughter wants to wear your wedding dress from the 80's? Take it to Nile Bridal of course!! Su took the dress apart (literally) and made a new dress to our daughter's specifications. The vision Su has is incredible. She is professional, friendly, very kind and her work is
unbelievable...We had a wonderful experience and would not hesitate to recommend

Nile Bridal to anyone."

- Bride


“Suhaiba was the best person to take care of our alterations-I can't recommend her enough! She was fast and accurate in the alterations to my dress. My wife had a shirt made from her mom's wedding dress that required tons of work: Suhaiba was able to take all the ideas we had a make it come true! She was super easy to work with and offered very helpful suggestions when we needed it. We even had to bump our wedding up six months and Suhaiba got everything done with time to spare. She is, by far, the best and most professional in this area!"

– Bride

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