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        We can create, modify, or mend almost anything you need. From Wedding Gowns & Prom Dresses to Suites & Tuxes we specialize in alterations that give you the look and perfect fit you’ve been looking for!


In addition to re-sizing or modifying designs, we can also repair simple tears or rips in clothing, keeping your favorite items around for years to come.

“I wore my grandmother's wedding dress. Despite being stored in a plastic garment bag for 60 years, it was in amazing shape! I brought it to Su 10 months before my wedding and made several appointments to do the alterations in stages. The dress was super tiny on me and the fabric was very delicate, but Su handled it with so much care and completely transformed it while keeping the timeless elements of the design. She put in a corset back, removed the sleeves, and fitted it perfectly to my body. I got so many compliments on my dress throughout the wedding process and I'm so happy to have been able to wear a family heirloom. I brought it back for dry cleaning and Su was able to clean the superglue and repair the tear and it looks as if nothing even happened. It is now perfectly packaged in a box and I hope to be able to keep it for another 60 years all thanks to Su! If you have an heirloom dress, I highly recommend bringing it to Nile Bridal as Su was more than prepared for the challenge!” 

—  Bride


Before & After Photos

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